TIR-Logistik GmbH
Zollabfertigung * Zolllager * Sammelgut / Lagerlogistik * Multimodal-Transporte
Ihleburger Str. 11
D-39126 Magdeburg
Telefon: + 49 391 24466-0
Telefax: + 49 391 24466-22

Welcome to the internet platform of TIR Logistik GmbH.
We are an internationally active customs forwarding firm with its headquarters located in Magdeburg - Germany.

Our motto: "Logistics without boundaries".

We offer you a variety of services from the fields of forwarding, warehousing and customs clearance. Being able to realize all kinds of transportation of cargo, our main activities take place in Eurasia with a focus on Western Europe and the CIS (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan etc.).

As a neutral customs forwarding firm with its own open customs warehouse, we are able to carry out general commodities trucking from all over the world followed by customs clearance. Due to our extensive experience derived from years of practical work in all areas of transport, we can guarantee a precise and well-performed realization of your orders.

Our goods transports are mainly executed between the northern main ports of Germany, Benelux ports and all destinations within the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). In addition to container transports we offer all complementary services which might occur.

  • Ideal strategic and geographic location for logistics service provider;
  • Execution of all kinds of carriage of goods;
  • Professional and speedy customs clearance;
  • Possibility of grouped goods on account of our own customs warehouse;
  • Proximity between our premises, the Main Customs Office Magdeburg (100m) and the Domestic Port of Magdeburg;
  • Coordination between opening hours of the Customs Office Magdeburg and the working times of our company;
  • Discretion and confidentiality for customers of our customers;
  • Professional and multilingual staff (German, Russian and English);
  • Flexible and customized price policy;
  • Reliability and flexibility;
  • Owner operated company.
We are looking forward to a good collaboration!